Letters to Santa

"Dear Santa... is the way most letters begin.  It's a phrase brimming with nostalgia, and for many of us, it conjures up images of family, home and maybe even a little magic.  It whispers of the wonder that is Christmas, a feeling that resides inside our childhood memories and that we carry with us into our adult lives like hidden sugar plums." - Letters to Santa Claus


Help preserve the hundred-year-old tradition of answering these letters sent to Santa Claus that started over 100 years ago.  In recent years, Elves have helped Santa respond to an average of over 20,000 letters!  These letters are answered by the Elves, volunteers from the community.  These letters arrive from across the United States and all over the world.  The languages may differ and the lists of Christmas wishes change over the years, but the time-honored tradition of writing a letter to Santa has stayed constant.  It is a tradition that links

Pat Koch helping the Elves answer Letters to Santa

 generations of children together through a strong belief in the magic of Christmas.​  ​Volunteers from the local community gather each and every year to help Santa respond to all this mail.

Pat Koch helping the Elves answer Letters to Santa

"The letters are often funny, sad, heartwarming or nostalgic.  They come from adults and children, from those who live comfortably and those who are struggling to get by.  Some  ask questions (i.e. how to you fit down our chimney?) while others make specific requests (i.e. pretty please Santa, bring me that pony!).  And while the Elves cannot send money or toys that is Santa's job or work miracles, they still can deliver a smile, warm greetings from Santa Claus, and an enduring belief in the magic of Christmas." - Letters to Santa Claus


  More information on the Letters to Santa program can be found at:

The Santa Claus Museum and Village

Pat Koch helping the Elves answer Letters to Santa
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