I believe in Santa Jim Yellig’s words …“there’s only one reason for Santa Claus to be… and that is to spread joy and happiness.”


I understand that I am privileged to portray a magical symbol of Christmas.  I will not do anything to tarnish or bring shame to this image or what it represents.


I have taken The Santa Claus Oath/Mrs. Claus Pledge.  I believe in the ideas and values these instill.


I will maintain a current background check and performer insurance to protect myself and those I serve as Santa or Mrs. Claus. 


I will be supportive of my fellow ISCS members. 


I will continue to seek knowledge from my fellow members or outside sources to insure my portrayal as a member of the Claus family is best as can be.  


I will be honest and trustworthy.


I will be a good citizen and servant in my local community.


I will always Believe.

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